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Step Inside

The home is a 3-bedroom, 1 bath, 2-story, 5 bed cabin with washer/dryer and a full kitchen in Hat Creek, CA.  A trail from the cabin leads to Hat Creek (10 min) and Honn Creek (5 min).  The wild trout in this area rarely see a fishing lure! The cabin has WiFi and landline.   

Please Note:

1. Kitchen and bathroom are fully functional, but haven’t been remodeled in 50 years. While the cabin is not ready for vacation rental prime-time, it has pleased many non-profiteers and the people who love them.

2. Heat source for winter months is a wood stove and space heaters. Summer temps are mild.

3. Water source is the stream in front of house (not potable – cows upstream). However, spring water is available from dispenser in kitchen.  


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